Island State Or Heaven On Earth

The country which is well known for its dynamism, sporty events, happy and happening atmosphere, where people are friendly and ready to take challenges, the hub of professional accountancy and a playground for accountants; Australia is a country where places are so beautiful and untraditional that tourist can find almost everything attractive. This country is only one in the world where states are on islands and one can only imagine such a place where state is developed on an Island.  

Welcome to Tasmania Australia’s only Island state, this green heart shaped island consist of 240 kilometers south east of the Australia mainland at 68000 km. Tasmania is populated by only half a million people, it’s an island which has enough room to wander around and move for tourism and for the people of the state (residents of Tasmania Australia), Tasmania is a place of thriving cities calm and relaxed coastal towns, welcoming country villages and breath taking natural beauties, Tasmania is not the only place famous for natural beauty there are plenty of other spots in Australia which are truly considered as the heart for natural beauty of Australia. 

The Tasmania landscape is the tapestry of ancient mountain ranges deep green forest, lush and rich greenery and pasture land. Almost more than 37% of the state is set aside for national parks and reserves moreover the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area the island is covered by stunning coastline sculpted by the rich, blue, crystal cool water of the Southern Ocean and Tasmanian sea with an abundance of sandy sound beaches the natural and temperate climate clean air water and fertile land is unimaginably suitable for growing condition of corps and world renowned Tasmanian produce. Among special foods and culture of this island state, seafood fine cold climate wines (special and rare kinds of wines are available which is like a cherry on top) and refreshing beers are produced in bundles, complementing Tasmania’s world renowned natural beauty is a vibrant culture intimate size and well planned cities with combination of historic colonial buildings and modern architecture, green par lands and public spaces the state’s excellent health tech and service industries contribute to a lifestyle that offers all the advantages of city without the pressure and stress. 

Across the state there is comprehensive range of educational opportunities including the University of Tasmania which has campuses in each of the major centers Tasmania packages from Melbourne also has vibrant arts culture with a wealth of performing and visual arts festivals performance season from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and museum collections are also worth mentioning. The Australian passion for sports is reflected in Tasmania’s exciting annual calendar of sporting events which includes Sydney to Gobat Yacht race international tennis and cricket matches. So if you are planning your next vacation or your honeymoon choose Tasmania a heaven on earth which is very well connected to the rest of the Australia. For more information, please log on to  tour-melbourne.jpg

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