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May 30, 2019

At Red Fleet Safety we are providing best products of your car safety like emergency light, head lights, GPS vehicle tracking system at very reasonable and affordable prices. All our products are made with high quality material and don’t need to be replace in a short time period.

Latest police LED light bars, vehicle safety LED lighting and other emergency lights / siren products are available in wide range. Most of the Australian vehicles need warning siren products and our warning products are suitable for Australian Vehicles.

You will find LED technology as advance and latest along with new designs having ultra-brightness. Having all latest features our products are reliable and first choice in Australia wide.

Safety is important for both driver and walking peoples over the road and our products are very much helpful for both. We are providing 5years warranty on our entire collection that is cost saving for you and you don’t need to investment in a short time. Customers are now very well known to our products and satisfied they know that high quality products are being purchased by their hands at Red Fleet Safety.


  • Warning lights (360 degree visibility)
  • Work place safety (minimum Australian standard)
  • Daytime performance is Superior
  • Product categories (3 unique)


  • Primary Products (complement)
  • Internal Dash Lights are convertible
  • Perimeter lights are directional
  • Sirens & speakers for emergency response
  • Message displays-variable
  • Arrow Boards are directional with LED
  • Convert LED hide a way 

It is more important to decide about the installation of the safety lighting products on your vehicle and with the help of Red Fleet vehicles customers get the best ideas for the fitting of safety light for getting perfect look and result of lights.

Searching products for your vehicle is not difficult now as you can visit Red Fleet Safety for getting a suitable and reliable products it is very easy to understand the functions of our products. Customer after understanding the products are able to select from our wide range of products.

LED light bars which are Roof mounted, Beacon lights and Mini bar lights are flashing lights for vehicles. These products are primary products and providing 360 degree capability. Vehicles are required to install primary warning lights for the safety purpose. 

We are leading in selling of safety products like code 3 emergency lights, Police light bars, vehicle tracking systems and many more. We are having experience of many years and able to provide the perfect products as per customer’s needs. At single point customer is able to get the all products at very affordable price along with 5 years warranty. If there is some manufacturing fault found during claim of warranty then product will be replaced with new one.